Saturday, November 21, 2015

Haute Skinny Skirt Hack

Several weeks ago I posted about a pattern I tested called the Haute Skinny Skirt.  You can look at that post here.  I loved the look of the skirt, but was bothered by the slit in the leg.  I felt like it was too high for me.

So I hacked the pattern and finished just in time to wear it while I accompanied Mr. Jiggs to some meetings he had to attend.  We took a weekend trip to the conference and I needed to look professional for several days.  I'm a casual isn't really a staple in my wardrobe.  (Actually, I took this skirt to work on in the hotel room and then ended up wearing it because I didn't take quite enough outfits for all the events I needed to go to with him...)

I put the slit in the back and created a vent sort of thing so I never show skin through the slit.  It was perfect!  It's one of my favorite skirts now when I want to look professional and attractive.  It's a comfortable, conservative, flattering, pencil skirt and it's just what I wanted!

Sorry about the wrinkles.  These pictures were taken on a walk after church.  I'd been sitting in it all day...

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Items in Etsy Store!

A while ago I mentioned that my aunt owns a craft decor store (Things You WOOD Love) in Nebraska.  I made a few more things for her store, sent them, and then decided I would list more of them in my Etsy shop as well.  Soooo...

Ta Dah!

These bird ornaments are the bulk of what is in my Etsy Shop right now.  Each bird is a mix of burlap, lace, and linen.  My shop has close up pictures, if you'd like to take a closer look...

I also have a couple banners made from a mix of burlap and lace.  I've put up pictures of an example but have options in the Shop for you to make just about any combination of Natural Burlap, Green Lace, and Cream Lace you can think of.  You can also choose to have them hang from white bias tape or cotton twill string.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pattern Test: Autumn Grace

Here's another pattern test-this one for Pigg#2.  Pollywoggles Patterns has created a quick, comfy, classic pattern that is perfect for cold weather.  The pattern is made for fleece so it's like wrapping your child in a blanket except they can do everything they usually do.

The Autumn Grace dress

Pigg#2 is a very feminine girl.  She would wear dresses and skirts every single day if she could.  Not many dresses are very warm though and I hate to send her to school uncertain if she will be cold on the playground or not.

Pigg#2 is also very picky about the way her clothing feels.  We have had many rough days because everything is 'uncomfortable'.  No further descriptions.  

This dress passes both the criteria of warm and comfortable.  And as a bonus, it is a really fast sew.  Because it's made of fleece, the seams won't fray and you don't have to finish anything really.

It's a nice pattern.

One of the biggest bonuses for me is Heidi's instruction for blending sizes.  They are so very clear.  Pigg#2 is 6, but I made a size 4T with a size 5 in length.  And it fits very nicely.  It's fitted through the waist and flares out to make a very girly wide skirt.  And the fleece holds that shape so well.

We are so happy we got to be part of this test!  Wohoo!  Bring on the cold weather.  Pigg#2 is going to be happy, warm, and comfortable at the same time!

Check out Pollywoggle Patterns.  The pattern is on sale!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Pattern Test: Overlap Bodysuit

Let me start by saying this...I have made envelope neck onesies from tutorials.  And they were a rough go.  These pictures are almost 6 years ago when I never bought fabric and could only sew if I could harvest refashion old T-shirts Mr. Pigg and I didn't wear anymore.  The rest of these pictures are Mr. Piggs old t-shirts that were not particularly soft and had very little stretch and absolutely no recovery.


Sightly better.

Then the neck was okay but the shirt itself was way to big.

And then a girl version with puff sleeves that fit well but was hard to get on and off because the fabric had NO stretch even though it was knit.  And I think the only reason this looked this good was because I found a free pattern in one size and added sleeves to it.

So I was pretty excited when Kylie Crittenden from Fresh Stitch Patterns let me test her Overlap Bodysuit (what I usually call a Onesie).  Those previous attempts years ago were painful and had very limited success.  In comparison, this pattern is like butter.  It just glides and WORKS and then fits.  And all you have to do is follow the directions and look at the diagrams!

Pigg #4 is almost two but her measurements had her in the 12-18 month size.  I was worried about that and decided I would lengthen the suit since Pigg#4 was really wiggly and it was hard to measure her height.  I thought there was no way that sizing was correct because she's an average size girl and wearing 24 month to 2T clothing.

However, trust the measurement chart!  Kylie has done multiple tests on this pattern trying to get the fit just. right.  My bodysuit would have fit perfectly if I hadn't doubted and added length.  It doesn't bother Pigg#4 and it just gives her room to grow into it, but man...I should trust the pattern maker more!  :)  

Overall I really like the pattern.  It is written clearly and makes that envelope neck so smooth.  No guessing how far to overlap and then where to attach the sleeves.  She's got that figured out.  And the sleeves set in perfectly with the overlap.
Pigg#4 already recognizes it as hers and grabs it when it comes out of the wash.  So glad I've got this staple pattern even though my baby is growing too quickly.  

The pattern is a digital download in sizes from premie to 2-3.  Kylie includes layers in her patterns so you only need to print the size you want and has instructions for lengthening/shortening the pattern.  It also has both long and short sleeve options.

I'm telling you, it's a pretty sweet, simple pattern for a clothing item every baby wears, and wears, and wears...but Kylie did all the figuring out work for you.

Go check out her website and pattern!  It's on sale right now...

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Pattern Test: Telluride Top and Hoodie

I got to test the Telluride Top and Hoodie pattern by Terra's Treasures.  The pattern is great!  It is for knits, is really comfortable, and has tons of options.  It is sized from XXS to 3X.  The pattern has borderless printing (so no trimming pages) and has a layers function so you can turn off all the sizes except the one(s) you want to print.  Way.  Cool. 

Sleeves:  long sleeve, short sleeve, puff sleeve, kind of a puff to elbow/fitted sleeve, thumb cuffs.
Neckline: Scoop, Henley, Hood, Faux Henley (hood without the actual hood)
Length: Regular, Tunic, Banded, Hi-low

And you can mix and match those options to meet your own style and preference.  

I really wanted to try out the hood.  And it was lots of fun.  So first off, the pattern is not short in any way.  If you're tall or have a long torso, it should be just right for you.  If you're shorter or average like me, you may need to take up the length a bit or embrace the tunic.

My first try at the pattern I made a size XS.  My measurements for my bust fall into XS but my measurements for my waist and hips fall into S.  So, my XS version fit well in the shoulders and bust, but was a bit tighter than I wanted in the waist and hips.  Not bad, but I feel like it hugged my belly curve a bit too much.  

So guess what.  Her fitting chart (or whatever it's called) is pretty accurate to how the garment turns out.  Terra mentions in the pattern it is meant to be a fitted top.  

I decided to try the S in my next version, knowing I wanted a looser fit for the fabric I was using.  It turned out just like I imagined it would.  And I'm so proud of how well my stripes match up!  The fabric was a very lightweight sweater knit (I think) and drapes really well.  I made a hood, fitted long sleeves, a hi-low hemline (I cut off about an inch in front and back), and added thumb cuffs.  Those might be my favorite part of the shirt!  They are so comfy and I love that then I don't have to hold the end of my sleeve when I put on my jacket.  Mr. Jiggs' hands get cold really easily and I'm sure he's going to be green with envy at my warm thumb cuffs.  

I felt like the fit in the shoulders was really good for me and the sleeves fit into the arm hole just right.    Really, I liked the fit.

I have fabric to make another one where I intend to blend the XS and S for a more fitted look, but I haven't decided what combination of options to use.  I'll have to wait for the fabric to speak to me..(Now I sound like someone on Project Runway...)

The pattern just released and in available to purchase on Terra's website or in her Etsy shop.  Go take a look!  Make a comfy top in which ever flavor you prefer!

An one last comment.  Pigg #1 (who is 8) took these pictures for me!  I was so impressed/excited at how patient and good he was at following my instructions for the pictures.  They turned out great!  But he did tell me I should smile more and not stare down the camera.  I'll work on that.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Costume Hoods

Pigg #1's school class put on a simplified play of the book Charlotte's Web this past week.  His class is bigger than in previous years so his teacher needed to add some characters to the play, and needed some costumes for those characters.  I volunteered to help by making these hoods.  I used the Oliver + S pattern for the Cozy Winter Hood as my base and tweaked the patter to make them look more like the animals they needed to be.  I used materials I already had around the house and cut up a couple old costumes, shirts, and skirts to get what I needed.  The kids loved them and they should hold up for years and years to come!  The play was great and I loved seeing my son get to perform that way and seem to enjoy it too.

 Dog-although my kids kept calling it a bunny...

 Cow-this is my favorite!  I should make more for going to the Chick-Fil-A Cow Appreciation day!

 Cat-I know that the print isn't a traditional cat, but it's what I had on hand.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Ruffle Fabric Tunic

My family had pictures taken while at a family reunion this past summer and I really tried to coordinate the clothing for my family.  I happened to have some white and blue ruffle fabric in my stash.  Pigg#2 loves anything ruffly or girly but my personal style is a bit more simple.  So when I saw this dress on Amazon, I though I'd try to make a similar dress with the ruffle fabric.  I had to line the tunic I made with some really lightweight white knit because it was a bit sheer.  The front and back are the same, just a little lower neckline in the front.  She loves to wear it!

I told her to do a pretty pose like a princess and caught her in the movement.

And Pigg#4 joined in the pictures.  She has so many hand me down clothes that I don't really sew for her. Sad.  Baby girls are Way. Too. Much. Fun!